Antimony Living by wondymoon

- All objects are recolorable.

- Set Contains

-3 Living Chairs


-2 Pouffes

-2 Pillows

-Coffee Table

-2 End Tables



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I was missing some tees from bands that I love in my game, and I decided to stop waiting for someone to do it and do it myself. So here it is 7 non recolorable band tops for ya ladies from:


The Velvet Underground
Sonic Youth
The Beatles
The Smiths
No Doubt

Some of them are classical band imagery (like Blondie, Sonic Youth, etc) and others are completely designed by me like the Hole one. The awesome mesh is by Icia23 (thanks! 💙). Also they’re grey non recolorable, usual TOU, don’t claim as your own, don’t try to upload to paysites, etc. If you like it as much as I do yey, we have the same taste in music you can tag me  so I can see your lovely sims wearing it and maybe share some more!


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Daybed set

  • this set includes the bed, cushions, a blanket, string lights.
  • the bed inspired by Tromsnes Daybed.

Download: package  /  sims3pack

please do not reupload to any other sites.

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Well, I finally got these up (was supposed to be yesterday but I was distracted), so here they are, a new weatherboard siding for your homes. It also happens to mark 600 followers on tumblr so lots of squishy hugs for you all! As you can see, this is not a pattern, this is a wall to apply patterns so the customisation is limitless! Can you tell I love really customisable stuff? Anyway, there are 8 wall variations, all found in the sidings category of build mode with between 1 and 4 recolourable channels depending on the style. The archive contains both the sim3pack and package files so choose which method you would like to use to install. The names are self-explanatory, but if you don’t like one set, you can delete them using the names in the pictures below as the correspond to the walls.

 Note: if they appear blurry when you first install, its advisable you delete you cache files, as well as the object cache file for the world you are using (found in the worldcache folder). That should solve the blurriness. I have no idea why this happens and I thought it was and issue with my walls, but it was the game. 

(updated 11/02/2014): OK, so I figured out the blurry wall issue. I feel like a total newb with this mistake. The DDS images were all in a 3:1 ratio. DDS images need to be in either 1:1 or a 2:1 ration for them to render properly. So I just forgot to scale them down after working in a 3:1 ratio to get the scale right (which is the size they look in-game). So if you have these walls in-game, please re-download. 


Mediafire | Skydrive

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Please re download this skirt if you would like the improved hem as shown in the last picture. I have also updated the file so that the arms don’t clip through the skirt as much. Thanks!


A new skirt. I have learned how to make fabric folds/draping, so I present to you my first experiment with this technique. I hope you guys like it!

There are 2 versions in the file - high contrast and low contrast. I think they almost look like 2 different fabrics, one more matte and the other more shiny.

Download - MEGA (Package or Sims3Pack)

Download - Mediafire (Package)

Download - Mediafire (Sims3Pack)

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Inspired by the nosemasks of Lilith and Mouseyblue from ts2, I’ve created something similar for ts3. 

Enjoy <3


  • 13 nose masks with 3 color channels
  • 3 noseshines with 1 color channel
  • 2 nose lines with 1 color channel (can be used to lighten and dark the nose lines on the masks with mastercontroller multilayer feature!)
  • available for males and females, teen through elder
  • labeled thumbnails
  • only available in the blush section

Download Nosemask Set [mirror]


credit for textures: Lilith, myself, and Mouseyblue, credit for alpha: Tifa

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Inspired by the lighting in the film Frozen, I created a new lighting mod! I wanted to do something fairytale-esque, so voila begin the testing <3


  • Bright, disney-esque colors
  • New auroras!
  • Five different possible sunset and sunrises; pink, orange or red ones will appear.
  • Cotton ball clouds appear in the non-aurora version (otherwise cotton ball auroras would appear, so only available in non-aurora version!)
  • Longer days
  • DDfender’s dynamic shadows
  • Includes sun aura
  • Less bloom

Download Frozen Lighting Mod 1.0 Below (only choose one!)

with auroras and Roaring Heights water (medium bright blue water)

with no auroras and Roaring Heights water

with auroras and Isla Paradiso water(light bright blue water)

with no auroras and Isla Paradiso water

CREDIT: Ddfender, Buhudain, Awesims & me

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The first 6 patterns with green background are recolorables, the set have in total 56 pattern :)


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E-lipgloss-GLAZE-131128 (edit)

I really like this glaze by ephemera but the original has lavender undertones that don’t translate well in terms of light colours. I tweaked the .DDS in photoshop and was quite pleased with the result. The top row of photos show the original and the second row is the edit, corresponding colours under its respective partner. This replaces the original and of course, all credit goes to the frighteningly talented ephemera.


light peach → 233, 208, 188 | 233, 208, 188 | 255, 255 , 255 

baby pink → 234 , 198 , 195 | 234, 198, 195 | 255, 255, 255

mega | dropbox

ヾ( ・`ᴗ´・)ノ゙ ♥

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