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★★★★★ Alesso Candle Retextured ★★★★★

  • enabled for female only; children through elder
  • includes custom thumbnails
  • credit: katsaysmeh and Anubis
  • mesh by Alesso

★★★★★ DOWNLOAD [.package]

NEW POSE: Simple Modeling~~



New Simple Modeling poses for your sims (=´∇`=)

Hope you’ll like it (^・ω・^ )

NOTE: there is no pose list so you will have to pose your sims with ” Pose By Name” you’ll get that when you click on pose player,
i’m trying my best to learn how to make pose list ><
for some reason its still to hard for me to understand it ><

*Click for better view*

Pose names and photos:

Pose 1: a_eun_simplemodeling_female_01


Pose 2: a_eun_simplemodeling_female_02


Pose 3: a_eun_simplemodeling_female_03


Pose 4: a_eun_simplemodeling_female_04


Pose 5: a_eun_simplemodeling_female_05


Downlload Here ~~

Enjoy and re-blog keke~~


The Travel Set is finally here! I couldn’t release it sooner because I made it for the Rock the Sims Magazine issue 4 which came out today :3

As explained in the picture above, you’ll find all the items shown on the second picture. They come in both sims3pack and package, base game compatible!

Now, to download, please go read the Rock the Sims Magazine Issue 4 and you’ll quickly stumble upon the download page (simply click the left page when you see the first preview of this post in the magazine)
For those who are really impatient (but seriously, read the issue, it’s worth it and we put a lot of efforts in it!) head to page 22-23

As always, feel free to message me for any question or problem, thanks!

Also, I will use this post to remind everyone that we’re still looking for much needed staff members for the magazine.As stated by Stormy page 94, we’re looking for writers, photographers, layout editors & Editing Assistant!

Message Stormy or me (only for some infos, Stormy IS the boss!) for more informations!


Finally! here it is! the group pose set! :D it is pose list compatible! :D 
clothes from: http://ilikeyourfacesims.tumblr.com/


Finally! here it is! the group pose set! :D it is pose list compatible! :D 


clothes from: http://ilikeyourfacesims.tumblr.com/



2,000 followers gift.

Click here to see the pictures of all objects and info.

Click here to Download

Click here to Download Collection File

*Fun fact I only used OMSP on the kitchen counter and dining table.The rest you will be able to re-create most of this scene without any omsp’s

Click here to see the Original Pictures


L.Warwick Savannah Ankle Strapped Heels [x]

I take no ownership for this mesh.

Full credit to original creator.

Credits L.Warwick , Second Life


After looooooong time of waiting, they are finally here! :D Hope You’re all gonna enjoy them! U can recolour them as U please :D

Biggest coala hugs to Darko for helping me with textures and support while meshing process hahahha :D 

Charles Anastase Platform Shoes: DOWNLOAD

While using poses U may need this tool. 


PullTab Living Set

Dining Chairs

Eames LCW Chair
Pull Tab Dining Chair

Dining Table

Pulltab Dining Table


PullTab DayBed
Pulltab Sofa


PullTab Retro ArmChair


PullTab Wall Credenza

Coffee Table
Mirror Coffee Table V.1 -V.2


PullTab Wall Light


PullTab Wall Units 1-4
PullTab Wall Bar Table
PullTab Wall Table
PullTab Deco Door
PullTab Deco Windows 1-2
MS91 Ceiling Block 1x1 Thicker